Hvordan legge inn flere kalendere fra Google på iPhone

iPhone har støtte for flere kalendere fra Google,men hvordan? Jeg har flere ganger måttet gCalendar-Logo kan settes opp på iPhoneoogle dette med flere google kalendere på iPhone, så her er oppskriften så jeg vet at jeg har den for eget bruk 🙂

1) Setup your iOS device

First, you need to of course setup your iOS device correctly, which happens from the settings app on your iOS device, from the Emails and Calendars pane. From there you can either choose Google or Exchange and enter your credentials. I think the difference is that if you choose Google, iOS will give you the “archive” button. This should be fairly straight forward –– if not, the basic help docs found from Google (http://support.google.com/mobile/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=138740) will get you through.

2) Setup Google Sync

However, the biggest problem source is on the Google side: you have to set up Google Sync to get things working.

So, take your device, go to m.google.com/sync (you need to do this on your mobile iOS device!)

First catch: you need to make sure the language is set to English (US); other languages might work, but they also might not and this was a huge source of frustration until I understood it. Only then you will see the «Syncbutton appear.

Next, if you have Google Apps Premium, you need to click the button which says «Google Apps user? Tap to configure for your domain.”, which is below all the other buttons.

Now, you will have a Sync button on a green background, which will enable you to sign in with your Google Apps Account.

Now you can manage device settings and select, which calendars you are allowed to sync to your device.

3) The real catch: Setup Google “iPhoneselect”

Final, and the most obscure thing: even after setting up Google Sync, you still need to go to www.google.com/calendar/iphoneselect to choose, which calendars will be synced to your device. This also works for the iPad. Some calendars just cant be synced, such as week numbers and holidays.

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